As a major player in renewable energy, Boralex is at the forefront of a changing world.

Sustainable Business

Boralex is a major player in renewable energy specializing in four sectors of activity:

We have been based in Kingsey Falls, Quebec, Canada, for 30 years and have since expanded our horizons and established our business in the United States and France.

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Our intention

To constantly push our boundaries to achieve growth wherever possible.

Our methods

  • Continue to increase our installed capacity with production processes powered by renewable natural resources
  • Seize business opportunities presented by the global energy transition

We undertake all we do with regard for our employees, partners, communities and the environment. Dialogue and consultation are part of our DNA.

Our commitment

To achieve our vision by exercising ethical behaviour, being an exemplary corporate citizen, sharing with communities and providing continued financial performance for our shareholders and partners.

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Our strength

Our employees' expertise, competence and ingenuity.

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Why Invest

Boralex is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol BLX.

We are committed to creating enduring value for our shareholders while fostering social acceptability and respect for the environment.

Our growth is firmly grounded in a long-term vision. We develop and acquire renewable energy production sites that deliver attractive, risk-adjusted returns on invested capital.

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Our Beliefs

As a major player in renewable energies, Boralex is at the forefront of a changing world.

Our teams are a major part of the global energy transition by developing green, diversified services through electricity generation methods powered by renewable natural resources.

We create sustainable and successful partnerships in the field based on transparent dialogue and a consultation process that is both respectful and diligent.

Our combined strengths

Our strength resides in the expertise, competence and ingenuity of our employees.

Teamwork gives us the ability to:

  • exhibit ethical conduct as an exemplary involved corporate citizen.
  • provide a stable financial return to our shareholders and business partners.

Our values

Our values reflect the very spirit and culture of our employees, who inspire our development, enlighten our decision-making and guide our actions day after day.

Sustainable development has been our focus since the beginning. We want every move we make to positively impact communities and reduce our environmental footprint.


Executive Committee

A team of experienced managers ensures Boralex's success. We are proud to present our key management personnel.

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Our role in the battle against climate change

Climate change is an irrefutable reality caused largely by an increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere.

Human activity is mainly responsible for this phenomenon, particularly the use of fossil fuels. By producing renewable energy, Boralex is actively involved in the fight against climate change.

Our Board of Directors

In order to combine our shareholders' interests with the realization of our mission, the diverse group on Boralex's Board of Directors assists in the decision-making process. Our current Board of Directors:

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The members of Boralex's executive committee draw on the policies and procedures adopted by the Board of Directors to guide and manage Boralex's business activities and internal affairs.

Policy/Procedure Objectives:

  • To help us continue to grow and enhance the long-term value of our company for shareholders.
  • To be mindful of the interests of the various groups involved in our activities.
  • Look over our growth strategy.

Documents (PDFs) with important information about our governance practices, ethical values and policies:

Our History

Our sustainable company has come a long way since its beginnings and is now a major player in the field of renewable energies. Our story:
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Cascades, a Quebec company specializing in manufacturing, processing and marketing packaging products and paper mainly composed of recycled fibres, moves into the energy sector by setting up the first natural gas cogeneration plant in Canada (at Kingsey Falls, a few steps from Cascades' head office).


Through its Cascades Energy subsidiary, Cascades acquires Boralex, a joint venture founded in 1982 by a group of businesspeople.

Boralex retains its name, which comes from the respective identities of its 3 original companies: LaduBORo, ALbany Oil and EXar. The head office is established in Kingsey Falls. So this is, in a way, the official year of our birth!


Entry into the wood-residue thermal power generation market with the purchase of the Stratton power station in Maine, USA.
Acquisition of La Rochette hydroelectric power station, our very first power plant in France.


First foray into the field of wind power generation with our first wind site in France, Avignonet-Lauragais, which allows us to diversify our sources of production and continue our development in this country.


Acquisition of five new hydroelectric facilities in the State of New York, USA, with a total capacity of 23 MW.


Inauguration of our largest wind site in France, Ally-Mercoeur (39 MW), which triples our net installed capacity.


Continuing our expansion in the Canadian wind power sector: a consortium of Boralex and Énergir, with the collaboration of the Séminaire de Québec, is awarded two wind projects through a Hydro-Québec call for tenders. The Seigneurie de Beaupré wind farms have an installed capacity of 272 MW and will begin operations in 2013.
Strengthening our presence in Ontario by acquiring the rights to nine wind farms, now known as Thames River (90 MW).


Acquisition of a hydroelectric generating station with an installed capacity of 14 MW in Ocean Falls, our very first plant in British Columbia, Canada.


Inauguration of our Avignonet-Lauragais, in the Occitanie region of France. The solar park, with an installed capacity of 5 MW, is located on our Avignonet-Lauragais wind farm, in operation since 2002. This is the first mixed production site in France.


A transitional year for us: reduction of our thermal asset burden to favour the acquisition of long-term contracts in the wind and hydroelectric sectors.

This financially advantageous strategy leads us to develop and build the Témiscouata wind farms in Quebec (76 MW), five wind farms in France (totalling 123 MW) and the Jamie Creek hydroelectric plant (22 MW) in British Columbia.


Acquisition of Enel Green Power France, including its plants already in operation (186 MW), those under construction (10 MW) and its 310 MW projects in development.

This makes us the largest independent producer of wind energy in France, in addition to increasing our capacity by 25%, to total 940 MW worldwide.


Our 25th anniversary highlighting our progress since 1990.


First foray into Scotland by acquiring a portfolio of projects with Infinergy.
Joint venture with Alberta Wind Energy Corporation to develop projects in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada.


Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, one of Canada's leading institutional investors, purchases of all Cascades’ Class A common shares making them our principal shareholder. Our company now becomes a major player in the global renewable energy market.
Largest acquisition in our history in Canada: 230 MW Niagara Region Wind Farm.


Acquisition during the summer of Invenergy Renewables' interest in 5 wind farms in Quebec, increasing our installed capacity to 1,820 MW.
Increase of our global installed capacity by more than 11% from 1,456 MW to 1,619 MW.
Acquisition of the Kallista Energy Investment SAS portfolio and consolidation of our position as top independent producer of wind energy in France by increasing our installed capacity from 609 MW to 772 MW.


Boralex announces the largest renewable energy refinancing arrangement in France, totalling $1.7 billion.
Boralex reaches an installed capacity of 2,000 MW worldwide!