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Yellow Falls

Yellow Falls is a 16-MW run-of-river hydroelectric power station located on the Mattagami River at Yellow Falls , approximately 18 kilometers upstream (south) of the town of Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario.

The Project consists of a powerhouse containing two 8 MW turbines (16 MW total) that are closely coupled to the intake, concrete dam, spill facilities including two sections or rubber dam and related infrastructures across the Mattagami River at Yellow Falls.

The Environmental assessment of the Project addresses regulatory requirements outlined in the Electricity Projects Regulation of the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act.  An Environmental Screening Assessment, including preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (“EIS”) was prepared and the Statement of Completion (“SOC”) was published on August 20, 2013.  The Ministry of Environmental acknowledged the reception of the SOC in a letter dated November 22, 2013.

Facility Run-of-river
River Mattagami River
Expected Date of Commissionning First half of 2019





Yellow Falls, 18 kilometers south of Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario, Canada

Yellow Falls Map Boralex

Development milestones

  • 1986: Initiation of the Project
  • November 2005: Renewable Energy Supply II ("RES II") Contract awarded for the Project by OPA
  • March 2006: First Open House​
  • May 2007: Second Open House
  • November 2007: Draft EA Report released for consultation
  • February 2009: Publication of Notice of Completion and Final EA Report made available for 30-calendar day stakeholder review period.
  • August 2013: Publication of Statement of Completion
  • November 2013: Acknowledgment by MOE of the Screening Process being completed