Sky High
Solar Project
Commission Date:2025
Country:United States
Power:20 MW
State:New York
Status:In development


Sky High Solar Farm is a 20MW project located in the Town of Tully, in the County of Onondaga. The project is ground-mounted and being developed on three separate parcels of land across 125 acres. The forecasted electric output is estimated at 35 gigawatt-hours annually, enough electricity to power 3,600 homes annually. Construction of the Sky High Solar Farm is expected to begin in summer 2024.


The project would offer economic, social, and environmental benefits to the State of New York, Onondaga County and to the Town of Tully, and would:

  • Create approximately 50 jobs during construction
  • Create long-term jobs to support operations
  • Boost local economy and add commerce for local businesses during the construction and the operation
  • Provide significant tax revenues to the Town of Tully, Onondaga County and to the local school district
  • Provide quiet, emission free, reliable power to NYS
  • Help NYS achieve its goal of 70% clean power generation by 2030


Boralex held a public open houses in October 2023. Materials from that event can be found here


For more information please contact:

Alex Dutt, (484) 661-6948,

Members of the media, please contact Zack Hutchins at or (518) 727-6155.