Sandy Creek
Solar Project
Location:Adams and Ellisburg
Country:United States
Power:20 MW
State:New York
Status:In development

Project Overview

Sandy Creek Solar Farm is a 19.99-megawatt (MW) photovoltaic solar energy generation facility to be located in the Town of Adams and the Town of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, New York. The project will include solar arrays and feature site roads and the electrical interconnection to National Grid 115kV circuit.

Currently in early-stage development, the facility is expected to be commissioned in Q4 2023 or earlier. Boralex is in the process of developing all studies, supporting materials, and applications required to complete the permitting and interconnection approval process.

This project aligns with the New York State Public Service Commission’s Clean Energy Standard, which supports the development of clean energy and renewable resources in New York State (NYS).

Preliminary Site Map

Project Benefits

The facility would offer economic, social, and environmental benefits to the State of New York, Jefferson County, the Town of Adams and the Town of Ellisburg, and would:

  • Create approximately 50 jobs during construction
  • Create long-term jobs to support operations
  • Boost local economy and add commerce for local businesses during the construction and operation
  • Provide significant tax revenues to Jefferson County, the Town of Adams, the Town of Ellisburg and to the local school district
  • Provide quiet, emission free, reliable power to NYS
  • Help NYS achieve its goal of 70% clean power generation by 2030

Virtual Open House

The slides for our virtual open house in April, 2021, can be found here. A video of the presentation is below.


For more information, please contact:
Andrew Buckley, (518) 538-8152,

Julia Stahl, (518) 744-4615,

Members of the media, please contact Zack Hutchins, (518) 727-6155, 

Postal address:
39 Hudson Falls Road
South Glens Falls, New York, 12803