Greens Corners
Solar Project
Location:Watertown and Hounsfield
Country:United States
Power:120 MW
State:New York
Status:In development

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Project Overview

Boralex’s Greens Corners Solar project is a 120 MW photovoltaic solar energy generation facility to be located in the Town of Watertown and in the Town of Hounsfield, Jefferson County, New York. The project will include solar arrays and other project features such as the site roads and the electrical interconnection to and the electrical interconnection to National Grid 115kV circuit.

Currently in early-stage development, the facility is expected to be commissioned in Q4 2023. Boralex is progressing through the appropriate study processes as required with NYISO and National Grid. Boralex also has submitted an Article 10 Public Involvement Program Plan to the Public Service Commission and will continue to progress with the permitting process as outlined in the Article 10 law and its related regulations.

Project Schedule

Project Benefits

The project would offer significant economic, social, and environmental benefits to the New York State (NYS), to Jefferson County, the Town of Watertown and the Town of Hounsfield, and would:

  • Create more than 100 jobs during construction
  • Create long-term jobs to support operations
  • Boost local economy and add commerce for local businesses during the construction and the operation
  • Provide significant tax revenues to the Town of Watertown, the Town of Hounsfield, Jefferson County and to the local school districts
  • Provide quiet, emission free, reliable power generation for the equivalent of 27,500 NYS households per year
  • Help NYS achieve its goal of 70% clean power generation by 2030

Intervenor Funding

Article 10 applicants are required to provide funds to be used to defray certain expenses incurred by municipal and local parties as they participate in the pre-application scoping process and in the proceeding before the Siting Board to consider the Article 10 Application.

The funds, known as “intervenor” funds, are provided by the assessment of fees on the applicant. “Intervenor” is a name used to refer to a party that joins an ongoing case or proceeding as a third-party for the protection of an interest. Some intervenors join as a matter of right established in the Article 10 statute; others are permitted to join at the discretion of the Presiding Examiner or the Siting Board. Not all intervenors are eligible for intervenor funds; only “municipal and local parties” are eligible. Eligible “municipal parties” include any county, city, town or village located in New York State that may be affected by the proposed major electric generating facility. The Presiding Examiner must reserve at least 50% of the funds for potential awards to municipalities. Eligible “local parties” include persons residing in a community who may be affected by the proposed major electric generating facility. Such persons may seek intervenor funding either individually or collectively. Local parties are eligible to receive up to 50% of the funds.


Scoping Statement

Article 10



Document repositories

Hard copy of related project documents are also available at the following:

Flower Memorial Library

229 Washington Street

Watertown, NY 13601

Phone: (315) 785-7705 / Fax: (315) 788-2584

Hay Memorial Library

105 South Broad Street

Sackets Harbor, NY 13685

Phone: (315) 646-2228 / Fax: (315) 646-2228


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