Fort Covington
Solar Project
Location:Fort Covington
Country:United States
Power:250 MW
State:New York
Status:In development



Boralex’s Fort Covington Solar project is a 250 MW photovoltaic solar energy generation facility to be located in the Town of Fort Covington in Franklin County, New York. The project was originated in 2021 by Boralex.

The project will include solar arrays and other project infrastructure such as the site roads, substation and electrical interconnection to the National Grid 230 kV circuit.


The project was awarded a contract for Tier 1 RECS with NYSERDA as part of the 2021 solicitation.


Currently in early-stage development, the facility is expected to be commissioned in Q4 2026.

Boralex has begun to engage with the local community (e.g. landowner, town and county representatives, state officials, school districts and groups of interest) and will pursue this consultation process throughout all phases of development and operations.

Environmental and permitting activities began in Q3 2021 and will be governed under the new 94-c state permitting process through the Office of Renewable Energy Siting (ORES). Permitting activities are expected to span throughout 2022 and 2023. All project infrastructure will be situated in such a manner as to respect municipal, state, and federal regulations as well as taking into consideration feedback from residents and other stakeholders.


The project would offer economic, social, and environmental benefits locally and to the State of New York, Town of Fort Covington, and Franklin County, and:

  • Create approximately 180 jobs during construction
  • Create long-term jobs to support operations and maintenance
  • Boost the local economy and add commerce for local businesses during construction and operations
  • Provide significant tax revenues to the Town of Fort Covington, Franklin County, and local school districts
  • Provide quiet, emission free and reliable power generation for the equivalent of approximately 70,000 NYS households per year
  • Help NYS achieve its goal of 70% clean power generation by 2030 and 100% by 2040.

At a landowner event in September 2022, Boralex announced contributions for safety updates to the playground at Rainbow Park (pictured above) and Meals on Wheels run out of the Fort Covington Adult Center.


Responsible solar development can improve soil health, retain water, nurture native species, and produce food.

Current solar racking provides ample space between panels, allowing for maintaining traditional use of the land—while also generating new, reliable income for the farmer.

Working with local and state stakeholders, Boralex’s adaptive agricultural plans may include:

• Animal grazing
• Manure injection and associated crops
• Growing shade-tolerant crops
• Seeding for Carbon sequestration

Boralex has successfully implemented multi-use on our operational solar facilities. We are continuously seeking input from the local agricultural community on new multi-use options in harmony with the local agricultural economy.


Boralex will hold a series of public open houses as development proceeds, the first of which is anticipated in spring 2023.


For more information please contact:

Bryan Tripp, (905) 691-6141,

Sara Prizzi, (518) 502-4282,

Members of the media, please contact Melissa Mansfield, (518) 339-7769,