Solar Project
Country:United States
Power:20 MW
State:New York
Status:In development

Project Overview

The Easton Solar Project is a 20 MWac photovoltaic solar energy generation facility to be located in the Town of Easton, Washington County, New York. The project was originated in 2019 by Boralex.

The project will include solar arrays and other project infrastructure such as inverters and site roads, connecting directly to National Grid’s nearby Mohican substation.

Please view the Final Environmental Impact Statement here. 

UPDATE: Our project overview handout can be found here.  Additional materials regarding visual screening can be found here (landscape plan) and here (plant list).   

Proposed Site Plan

Please note: The panel footprint of this design has changed as of January 2024, and will be updated shortly. 

Development and Permitting Process

Currently in early-stage development, the facility is expected to be commissioned in Q4  2025.

Boralex has been conducting public consultation activities including outreach to the Town Council of Easton, Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), other local stakeholders, and nonparticipating landowners located near the project site.

Environmental and permitting activities began in Q4 2021, governed under the SEQRA permitting process.  The planting of trees and shrubs for screening may begin as soon as May 2024, with project construction anticipated to begin Q4  2024.  All project infrastructure will be situated in such a manner as to respect municipal, state, and federal regulations as well as taking into consideration feedback from residents and other stakeholders.

Project Benefits

The project will offer significant economic, social, and environmental benefits to New York State, Washington County, the Town of Easton and the local school districts, including:

  • Create approximately 50 jobs during construction;
  • Create long-term jobs to support operations and maintenance;
  • Boost local economy and add commerce for local businesses during construction and operations;
  • Provide tax revenues to the Town of Easton, Washington County, the Greenwich Central School District and to the Schuylerville Central School District;
  • Provide quiet, emission free and reliable power generation for the equivalent of approximately 3,600 NYS households per year;
  • Help NYS achieve its goal of 70% clean power generation by 2030 and 100% by 2040.​​​​

To learn more about solar generation and its benefits, click here.

Public Events

Boralex hosted an Open House on September 18, 2023. Materials presented at that event can be found here and here.  

For more information, please contact:

Marc Stachiw, (403) 880-4939, marc.stachiw@boralex.com

Members of the media, please contact Zack Hutchins at zachary.hutchins@boralex.com or (518) 727-6155.