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Comes de l'Arce

Located on the commune of Buxières-sur-Arce in France, Comes de l’Arce wind farm includes 5 turbines totaling 10 MW of installed capacity. The turbines are lined up with the turbines of the Vallée de l'Arce wind farm whcih were installed in line alongside of the A5 Highway.

The Comes de l'Arce wind farm is covered by a 15-year power sales contract with Électricité de France (2015-2030). 

In operation
Turbines 5 Vestas V100
Rotor speed 8 to 17/rpm
Rotor diameter 100 m
Nacelle height 100 m
Blades length 50 m
Commissionning March 2015

Development milestones

  • 2009: Commissioning of the Vallée de l’Arce wind farm
  • 2010: Further discussions with the local stakeholders, concertation ans strat of the studies
  • 2011: Configuration choice and deposit of the contruction and operating licence applications
  • 2014: Start of construction
  • 2015: Commissioning (March)
  • 2015-2016:Implementation of compensatory measures (animal welfare, electrification of the Buxières-sur-Arce bell tower, rehabilitation of the Avalleur chapel's murals and construction of an educational trail)