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Blendecques is a 14 MW natural gas cogeneration power station located in the region of Nord-Pas-De-Calais in France. It is covered by a 12-year power sales contract with Électricité de France and a 20-year steam purchase agreement with Norampac Avot-Vallée S.A.

Blendecques cogeneration power station combines a natural gas cycle with a steam cycle; each cycle generates electricity. This power station uses natural gas only to power its gas turbine and drive the generator. The exhaust gas produced by the gas turbine is used to create steam without burning any fuel; the steam drives the steam turbine, generating additional electricity.

In operation
Built 2001
Client electricity Électricité de France
Client steam Norampac Avot-Vallée S.A.
combustible natural gas
Term of the power purchase agreement 12 years (2001-2013)
Term of the steam purchase agreement 20 years
Equivalence in individuals supplied with electricity annually 4,197 homes

¹ International Energy Agency (IEA) 2013