Hugues Girardin

Executive Vice President and General Manager, North America

Hugues Girardin is Executive Vice President and General Manager, North America. Previously Vice President, Development, he is now head of the Business Unit North America, which includes Boralex’s operations in Canada and the United States.

He began his career at Cascades Groupe Énergie before joining Boralex and has over 30 years of experience in the renewable energy field.

Over the years, through positions in the development and operations teams, he has actively contributed to Boralex’s success by leading major projects, such as the Seigneurie de Beaupré wind farms, which is currently one of the largest wind power projects in North America, and the Niagara Region Wind Farm, among other achievements. He also orchestrated Boralex’s entry into the United States and worked to establish strong partnerships with several municipal districts.

Hugues Girardin has extensive knowledge and experience in the North American wind power industry. In addition, he has a passion for the environment and the role that renewable energy can play in ensuring the sustainability of our planet’s resources for future generations. In addition to his commitment to continuous innovation, he is creative and dedicated.

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