Our commitments on renewable energy

Environmental Leadership

Boralex’s choice to work in the field of renewable energy underscores its commitment to sustainable development.
Development of renewable energies is an active way of participating in the ongoing energy transition and is one of the solutions to the fight against climate change.

Our approach

Boralex draws mainly on wind, hydraulic and solar resources to generate electricity.

The company generated approximately 3,415 GWh of electricity in 2018 and contributed significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Producing the same amount of electricity with fossil fuel would have resulted in the emission of 214,000 tons of CO2.

Boralex is careful to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment, taking into account biodiversity protection, habitat conservation, responsible use of resources, and materials management.

Our environmental mission clearly states that we must rigorously comply with the relevant laws and regulations at all times and implement modifications if necessary.

Throughout the development of Boralex’s projects, environmental studies are conducted by specialists to assess the project’s impact on the environment.

Depending on the specific needs of the area being studied and the project itself, we often produce inventories of birds, bats, terrestrial mammals, rare plants, invasive species, herpetofauna and fish species.

This information allows us to better understand the environment and adapt each project, as much as possible, to its surroundings.

If necessary, mitigation measures are identified to minimize the impact of the project on habitats and biodiversity.

  • Construction: Throughout the construction of each of our projects, our team conducts thorough environmental monitoring to ensure our work complies with all required mitigation measures.
  • Operational: Once up and running, we monitor the environmental impact of each project and make adjustments if necessary.

Community Outreach

A constant community presence
Establishing harmonious relations with stakeholders is an integral element of Boralex's values and we take steps to ensure that local populations and stakeholders consider all our sites to be socially acceptable.

From the moment we begin developing a site, we consult with, and inform, the project’s neighbors and stakeholders. This robust outreach continues throughout the development process.

Our team is on site and is easy to contact so we can answer all the community’s questions and concerns.

Each of our teams is involved to ensure all aspects of a project are considered, including the concerns and suggestions expressed by stakeholders.

Our consultation process includes stakeholder surveys, public information sessions, individual interviews, special committees and the mapping of different points of view. We undertake this basic groundwork to ensure our projects are received positively by the communities involved and all stakeholders have access to the facts.

A constant community presence

Our community-focused approach aligns with our beliefs and reflects the spirit and culture of our employees.

We spend a great amount of time in the communities where we work because we are sincere in our desire to answer all questions and address all concerns.

For example:

  • We establish follow-up committees that act as links between Boralex and each community where we operate wind facilities in Quebec.
  • In Ontario, Canada, Boralex uses regional newspapers to remind the public that a representative is available to hear their comments and answer their questions.

Economic Development

Our activities generate numerous benefits in many forms
As a renewable energy producer, Boralex contributes to the economic development of the communities in which we operate.
As a renewable energy producer, Boralex contributes to the economic development of the communities in which we operate.
Our activities generate numerous benefits in many forms:

  • We hire local workers to fill the quality jobs we create. This starts during site construction and continues through a project’s operations.
  • We maximize local and regional economic benefits by sourcing from local businesses.
  • We have developed a donation and sponsorship program, as well as several community projects, sometimes with First Nations. These efforts allow local populations to invest and participate in project decisions.
  • We have a Sustainable Procurement Charter to create innovative partnerships and mutually beneficial supplier relationships while contributing to local economic development.
  • We are an active member of our host community. For example, in Ardèche, France, we joined forces with CIVAM (the Center for Promoting Agriculture and the Rural Environment), a group that fosters organic farming and a cohesive vibrant rural world. We support their “Envie Verte” (Green Envy) project promoting farm skills and local production based on the principle that organic farming encourages rural renewal and revitalization.

Donations and sponsorships

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Through donations and sponsorships, we become strong supporters of our host communities. Each year we financially support various non-profit organizations and charitable events located or organized near our sites.

Through donations and sponsorship, we become strong supporters of our host communities. Each year we financially support various nonprofit organizations and charitable events located or organized near our sites.

To align with our beliefs and business objectives, most of our commitments fall into four main categories:

  • Socio-Community
    We support social and community organizations with missions to improve quality of life in a way that makes sense locally.
  • The Environment
    Sustainable development and respect for wildlife and the environment are integral parts of our daily activities. We want to back environmental organizations that work diligently to improve the health of our planet.
  • Education
    To support the next generation of community members, we emphasize academic excellence. Our contributions in this area include scholarships in the fields of engineering and renewable energy, as well as supporting those who have distinguished themselves through their social commitment.
  • Employee Volunteering
    An engaged employee is a motivated employee. We encourage our staff to be part of the community and we support projects, events or organizations in which they are involved.


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Health and safety

Providing a safe work environment for both our employees and our partners and suppliers is another Boralex top priority

By adhering to the Equator Principles and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Boralex is committed to promoting a culture of inclusion and respect in the workplace. We comply with and abide by all applicable laws and regulations to ensure thatour people enjoy fair and equitable treatment in a work environment free of harassment, intimidation and discrimination.

In addition, we implement measures required to continue improving our safety practices. From the moment of its inception to its operation, each of our projects has a plan to ensure worker safety. As a result, our injury rate remains well below the industry average.

Hours worked680,000700,000
Lost-time accidents11
Lost-time accident rate*10.03.0

*According to the US OSHA 300 code, the lost-time injury rate is the number of absences for every 200,000 hours worked, divided by hours worked per 100 employees. A rate of 1 means that one in every 100 employees was involved in a lost-time accident during the fiscal year.

In Quebec, our six hydroelectric plants did not record any accidents with lost time for four years in a row.

Other measures implemented for the health and safety of all our stakeholders include:

  • Production of a health and safety video.
  • A code of ethics which establishes Boralex’s standards and expectations for all employees, consultants and directors.
  • A telephone line and website have been set up to receive safety-related concerns, which are forwarded to the appropriate people.
Pictogram Governance


The Board of Directors defines the strategic directions of Boralex, and supervises their implementation. Its composition reflects a broad diversity of complementary experience, allowing its members to protect and promote the interests of all shareholders.

During the year 2019, a number of significant measures were implemented by the Board of Directors to accompany Boralex management in the elaboration of its new strategic plan.

In addition, believing that best practices in governance help achieve the key objective of enhancing the Corporation’s value for shareholders, the Board of Directors continued to improve its practices by emphasizing diversity on the Board and in senior management, and addressing risk management, ethics and compliance.

Board Composition

The Board of Directors comprises 10 members, 9 of whom are independent members.

*As at May 6, 2020.

The Board of Directors has adopted a mandate that describes its composition, responsibilities and functioning. Likewise, each of the Board’s committees has adopted a mandate. You can consult the mandate of the Board and those of the Committees in the [Governance Manual]().


The Board of Directors has created 5 committees to help it fulfill its role.

In 2019, there were a total of 10 meetings of the Board of Directors, 5 of the Audit Committee, 7 of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, 4 of the Environmental, Health and Safety Committee, 7 of the Human Resources Committee, and 5 of the Investment and Risk Management Committee.

Overall attendance by directors at these meetings was 98%.

The Board of Directors is composed of individuals who bring a wide array of demonstrated skills and expertise to oversee the strategic activities and the growth of the Corporation, guide management and ensure that the management of the risks the Corporation is facing is appropriate and effective.

The average term of current Boralex directors is 7 years.

Corporate policies

The corporate policies ensure the sustainable growth of the Corporation through supporting employees with information-sharing and training, providing transparency with shareholders and the public, and clearly laying out the Corporation’s vision for ethical and acceptable behaviour.

(a) Enterprise Risk Management Policy

In 2019, the Board of Directors adopted an Enterprise Risk Management Policy that applies to all operating units and covers every type of risk to which the Corporation is exposed in its activities. This initiative is part of the Corporation’s efforts to improve the structure of risk identification and risk mitigation, and accountability to the Audit Committee and the Board of Directors. During the year the Corporation also created a position dedicated exclusively to managing enterprise risk; this position reports to the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

(b) Majority Vote Policy
In keeping with the principle that each director should have the trust and support of the Corporation’s shareholders, the Board of Directors adopted a Majority Vote Policy. In an uncontested election of a director, any nominee who receives a greater number of abstentions than votes for his or her election will not be considered to have the support of shareholders and shall promptly tender his or her resignation. The resignation will take effect upon acceptance by the Board of Directors, on the basis of a review and recommendation by the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee.

Read our Majority Vote Policy.

(c) Code of Ethics
The Board of Directors revised the Code of Ethics for employees, management, Board directors and consultants, updating it in particular with respect to harassment and violence in the workplace.

Once the new version of the Code was adopted, everyone was required to take an online training course and obtain a Certificate of Completion. We are proud to say that 100% of employees, management, and Board directors obtained their certificates within the specified timeframe.

No violation of the Code of Ethics or other corporate policies was reported in 2019, and no waiver from the application of the Code of Ethics or corporate policies was issued.

The Code of Ethics course is included in the orientation for everyone who works for the Corporation. Boralex also set up several years ago a phone line and website which individuals can use safely, honestly and confidentially to relay questions and concerns about unethical or illegal activities while remaining anonymous.

Read our Code of Ethics

(d) Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy

This policy affirms the Corporation’s commitment to conducting its operations with honesty and integrity and strictly prohibits behaviours or actions that involve corruption, bribery, fraud, embezzlement, facilitation payments or any other such activity. The policy also sets out rules for the giving or receiving of gifts, entertainment or charitable donations, and establishes the framework for permitted lobbying activities based on regulations and Boralex’s values.

Read our Code of Ethics

(e) Principles of Shareholder Interactions

The Board of Directors and Boralex management believe that interacting with Corporation shareholders is a good governance practice and encourages greater transparency. The principles set out how shareholders may communicate with the Board of Directors and officers if they wish to discuss a matter or meet with the Chair of the Board of Directors regarding the corporate structure and governance practices, compensation of directors or officers, or succession planning.