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Life at Boralex

As major player in renewable energies, Boralex is at the forefront of an evolving world. Our teams participate in the global energy transition every day by developing greener and more diversified services.

When you work at Boralex, you contribute to better environmental practices. It is truly your ideas, talent and energy that will allow Boralex to shine in the years to come.

Join our team and prepare to:

  • Make a difference by facing challenges that match your ambitions.
    Energy is a growth market at the centre of major issues – the energy needs of the world’s population will increase by 40% by 2035. Boralex has a high level of expertise and supports many major projects.

  • Evolve in a vibrant workplace.
    Your well-being is one of our priorities. We make it a point to help you reach your career goals, balance work and personal life and stay healthy.

  • Work in a flexible environment.
    Depending on your position, telecommuting and flexible summer hours are always possible. And don’t forget career mobility – more than 400 employees work in 10 business offices and more than 80 operating sites.

    We’re always nearby.

  • Work in a diverse and inclusive environment.

    The environment at Boralex is both diverse and inclusive, built around the idea of recognizing and celebrating all differences. We promote a culture of respect in the workplace so everyone can feel free to be themselves. Diverse viewpoints are the catalysts that lead to better questions and better answers. That’s when creative ideas flow, igniting innovation and inspiring more effective solutions. We welcome all people, no matter who they are or what their background. Each of us is different, and we value and respect all Boralex people.

  • Improve your skills.
    We believe that everyone has talents and that your professional development is key to the company’s performance and growth.

  • Be part of a company engaged in social issues.
    Our energy gives meaning to tomorrow.

  • Put your inner strength to work in the world around you.
    We will support projects, events or organizations in which you are actively engaged.

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