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We will seize the business opportunities offered by the global energy transition.

Boralex offers growth, dividend returns and long-term value creation

  1. Unique positioning and acknowledged expertise
  2. Company growth
  3. Well-defined strategic plan and financial objectives in an industry with robust potential
  4. Disciplined financial management and strong financial position

Our strength lies in the expertise, skills and ingenuity of our employees. We’re committed to carrying out our strategic plan:

  • By acting ethically
  • By being a model corporate citizen
  • By giving back to communities
  • By offering sustained financial performance to shareholders and partners

Unique positioning and acknowledged expertise

  • 2,462 MW of highly diversified production capacity as of November 12, 2021

    Expertise in developing small and mid-sized projects

Company Growth

  • Annual compound growth of 17% in installed capacity, 21% in EBITDA and 37% in market capitalization
  • Sustained increase in dividends since their introduction in 2014

Well-defined strategic plan and corporate objectives in an industry with robust potential

  • 4 strategic orientations: growth, diversification, customer base and optimization
  • 6 corporate objectives
  • 10 ESG priority issues
  • Project portfolio of 3,144 MW of energy production capacity and 193 MW of energy storage capacity

Disciplined financial management and strong financial position

  • Major cash flows from long-term contracts
  • Strong balance sheet and the financial flexibility to support growth
  • Limited exposure to interest rate fluctuations with fixed long-term rates timed to contract maturity
  • Exchange rates hedged with forward contracts for France

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Last update: February 2021

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