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Growth Strategy

Strategic Plan and Corporate Objectives for 2025

On June 17, 2021, Boralex management unveiled an update of its strategic plan that will guide us to achieve the new corporate objectives set for 2025.

Boralex continues to build on the four key strategic directions of the plan launched in 2019: growth, diversification, customers, and optimization. The strategic plan also integrates Boralex’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. Focusing on these key areas will allow for accelerated development of the wind and solar portfolios in the high-potential markets already targeted by Boralex and in new markets in Europe and the United States, while also creating the opportunity to introduce energy storage in regions where renewable energy networks are the most developed.

Highlights of the Strategic Plan

  • Significantly increase the share of solar power in the asset and project portfolio and make a breakthrough in storage
  • Position the United States as our primary market for development and diversify our geographic presence in Europe and other U.S. states
  • Accelerate the wind power development in Canada
  • Optimize capital structure with a greater share of corporate financing, including sustainable financing
  • Expand our existing customer base to directly supply electricity consuming industries interested in improving their climate and societal footprint
  • Integrate our corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy, including environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities, into Boralex’s strategic directions
  • Present 2025 corporate objectives including organic and inorganic growth

More information on the strategic plan update

Corporate objectives for 2025

Our strategic directions at a glance

Growing the Boralex way

Boralex has a robust business model based on income derived from long-term contracts with corporations that have strong financial positions.

  • Focused in markets with ambitious targets for renewable energy and more complex development processes creating barriers to entry for larger players.
  • Success in developing small to mid-size projects.
  • 99% of capacity under contracts with an average remaining length of 13 years.

Development Outlook

We are implementing our strategic plan based on the growth potential in the markets in which we operate.

The table below provides an overview of the installed-capacity potential of our target geographic markets in Europe and North America.

Growth Path

The Growth Path chart below shows the projects that have obtained all the authorizations required for launching construction:

Strategic directions