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Executive Committee

A team of experienced managers ensures Boralex's success. We are proud to present our key management personnel.

Patrick Lemaire
President and Chief Executive Officer
Bruno Guilmette
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Pascal Hurtubise
Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary
Patrick Decostre
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Marie-Josée Arsenault
Vice President, Talent and Culture
Julie Cusson
Vice President, Public and Corporate Affairs
Hugues Girardin
Vice President, Development
Nicolas Wolff
Vice President and General Manager Boralex, Europe

Our role in the battle against climate change:

Climate change is an irrefutable reality caused largely by an increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere.

Human activity is mainly responsible for this phenomenon, particularly the use of fossil fuels. By producing renewable energy, Boralex is actively involved in the fight against climate change.

Our Board of Directors

In order to combine our shareholders' interests with the realization of our mission, the diverse group on Boralex's Board of Directors assists in the decision-making process. Our current Board of Directors:

Alain Rhéaume
Chairman of the Board Boralex Inc. Corporate Director
Patrick Lemaire
President and Chief Executive Officer
Lise Croteau
Corporate Director
Yves Rheault
Corporate Director and Consultant
André Courville
Corporate Director
Dany St-Pierre
President Cleantech Expansion LLC
Marie Giguére
Corporate Director
Edward H. Kernaghan
Senior Investment Advisor Kernaghan & Partners Ltd President Principia Research Inc. and Kernwood Ltd
Marie-Claude Dumas
Global Director, Major Projects & Programs/Executive Market Leader - Quebec, WSP Canada
Ghyslain Deschamps
Executive Vice President - Building EBC Inc.

The members of Boralex's executive committee draw on the policies and procedures adopted by the Board of Directors to guide and manage Boralex's business activities and internal affairs.

Policy/Procedure Objectives:

  • To help us continue to grow and enhance the long-term value of our company for shareholders.
  • To be mindful of the interests of the various groups involved in our activities.


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