Boralex commits to valuing First Nations culture

At Boralex we believe our strength is our employee’s expertise, competence, and ingenuity. Our company’s strength and society’s strength are enhanced through diversity and equal opportunities. Racism, in all forms, deprives our society of expertise, competence and ingenuity. At Boralex we are committed to addressing racism through action.

At Boralex, we have built bonds of respect and trust with our business partners from Indigenous communities. Boralex is committing today to grow the respect for the people and culture of the First Nations. We believe that the richness and diversity of their culture must be better understood.

To do this, we are committed to revising and adding to our training programs, our new employees guides as well as in our code of ethics, elements that will better educate our employees, and our society.

At Boralex will continue to address all forms of intolerance through greater appreciation of diversity, increased empathy and strengthening our unity.

This commitment is part of the #ensembleinc movement launched on September 30 by several leaders of the Quebec economy . This call to action for an innovative and inclusive economic recovery highlights the concrete commitment of leaders to diversity and equity.