A proactive


Growth that respects our communities and the environment

This philosophy is at the foundation of everything we do at Boralex, and it’s why our primary focus has been on developing and operating renewable energy sites for over 20 years.

Hydroelectric Hudson Falls Boralex

Hudson Falls Hydroelectric Power Station // New York, United States


Green energy is electricity generated from renewable energy sources such as wind power, photovoltaic technologies (solar cells), biomass fuel (wood residues) and small hydroelectric power stations with a low environmental impact.


Boralex S.A.S. is the only power producer partnering with WWF France, one of the world’s leading independent conservation organizations. Our collaboration enhances the quality of our site selection, construction and operating sustainability practices. Our partnership with WWF France clearly expresses our determination and commitment to developing environmentally friendly projects built on sustainable co-existence within communities.

The complementary goals of WWF France and Boralex make this partnership a natural fit. WWF France aims to find solutions to conservation challenges and help build a future where people and nature thrive. To do so, WWF France joins forces with selected organizations who share a similar desire to implement strong and sustainable solutions. As a player in France’s renewable energy sector for close to 10 years, we have adopted practices to reduce the environmental impact of the development and operation of our renewable energy projects.

We believe developing renewable energy is a necessity, but not at the expense of the environment: it must never be a threat to biodiversity or encroach on farmland. It’s this belief that drives us to work with WWF France in selecting future wind and solar power sites in an effort to reduce the potential impacts of such developments, while steadily moving forward.