A proactive


In 2016, Boralex produced 2,441 GWh of wind, hydroelectric, solar, and thermal energy - enough to power a city of 157,000 citizens for one year.

Not only do we strictly adhere to current environmental standards in the diverse regions where we operate, in many instances our environmental practices largely exceed regulatory requirements in terms of environmental impact reduction, protection of biodiversity, habitat conservation, and atmospheric emissions. Wherever Boralex operates, it stands apart for the rigour of its environmental management and its timely response in case of an incident.

We plan for the long-term, proactive management of any environmental concerns linked to our operations, from the initial project-planning phase through the construction phase, and throughout the decades during which our projects may be in operation.

In addition to ensuring solid environmental performance of our operational sites thanks to the care and diligence exercised during initial planning and management, Boralex has demonstrated for over 20 years that it is an innovative company, continually seeking and applying new technologies and procedures to lessen the environmental impact of its operations while still maintaining positive productivity.

In May 2016, our 22 MW Jamie Creek hydroelectric plant in British Columbia was awarded the EcoLogo 2010 CCD-003 Renewable Low-Impact Electricity Products certification. The Canadian EcoLogo program independently recognizes certified services that adhere to strict environmental standards throughout their full operational life span.

Jamie Creek Hydroelectric Power Station // British Columbia, Canada


In France, Boralex has partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the country’s leading environmental conservation organisation. WWF works with us at the initial project development stage, offering advice and opinions on our impact studies and helping us improve our environmental practices.

For more details, refer to the 2016 Annual Report and the section on sustainable development.