A qualified and
dedicated team


Boralex’s primary strength is the exceptional calibre of its employees

It is the employees who contribute, year after year, to further strengthening Boralex’s place among the leaders in its industry, and who, on a daily basis, work to achieve its mission and to meet its environmental, social, and economic objectives. They are the root of Boralex’s growth, the principal enforcers of its high environmental standards, and the primary ambassadors in the communities where it operates.

Boralex’s corporate culture and human resource practices are, like everything else, inspired by a vision of long-term sustainability and the promotion of creativity, organizational agility, and adaptability. Boralex defines the fundamental values of its organisation as follows: RESPECT, TEAM SPIRIT, CREATIVITY, COMMUNICATION AND ENTREPREURSHIP. 

Boralex offers its employees a safe and stimulating work environment that favours autonomy, empowerment, and the active participation of its employees in company life. In order to ensure positive succession planning, Boralex is particularly committed to providing its employees with exciting challenges, continual training, and a progressive career track with a view to long-term professional development.

Occupational health and safety constitutes a priority for Boralex, both for its employees as well as for its partners and suppliers. Boralex pursues ongoing improvement of its own policies and procedures, structured around practical training and well-rounded action plans.

Boralex adheres to government regulations designed to foster salary equity, and it respects the Equator Principles in addition to advocating non-discrimination towards minorities.

Boralex encourages a healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle among its employees. It offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that allows them to access the services of various professionals as needed and, whenever possible, to tailor their working conditions to their family situation. Staff benefit from a full range of social benefits including a flexible health and dental insurance plan.


Employés de Boralex

Référez-vous au rapport annuel 2016 et à sa section développement durable pour plus de détails.