A qualified and
dedicated team


Our most valuable asset: our employees

Respect, entrepreneurship, innovation, communication and teamwork are the five values that are the pillars of Boralex’s corporate philosophy.

In support of these values, Boralex has adopted transparent management policies that promote a culture of equity which transcends hierarchical structures. Our open door policy, among others, ensures honest communication and stimulating exchanges between employees.

Our profit sharing policy is a concrete acknowledgment of employees’ contribution to our success, and encourages the culture of performance and teamwork that defines us.

Occupational health and safety: it’s a matter of respect

Boralex has made a formal commitment to promote occupational health and safety. We’ve taken the steps necessary to ensure the workplace is productive and safe, and to protect the well-being of every member of the organization and related parties. It’s a matter of respect, plain and simple.

This means that any sub-contractor who does work at a Boralex power station must successfully complete a training course on Boralex’s Occupational Health & Safety procedures and policies. 

Employés de Boralex