Create value
within communities

Economic contribution

In keeping with its mission, Boralex aims to create wealth within the communities where its power generation facilities are located. We strive to maximize the local benefits of our projects, from beginning to end.  We take our place as a major economic player in the communities hosting our operations by helping maintain and improve local infrastructures and by getting involved in the area through donations and sponsorships.  

Beyond formal strategies, we believe that our economic success hinges upon the quality of the relationships we build with the host communities. While we are working toward standardizing practices to maximize the impact on the local economy, we remain sensitive to the uniqueness of each site. We are also aware of the Canadian trend toward community energy projects, which will doubtlessly push toward the standardization of certain local content practices we have already integrated into our activities.

Ground-breaking ceremony

Ground-breaking ceremony - Seigneurie de Beaupré Wind Farms // Québec, Canada