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Boralex considers the communities that host its operations to be key allies. We make every effort to establish fair and open communications with them and a harmonious, long-term coexistence with local stakeholders. Such harmony is only possible when it is based on a sincere desire to understand regional and stakeholders’ issues, on open, transparent, and consistent communication, and on a genuine commitment to minimize negative impacts, especially during construction phases, and to maximize economic and social benefits.

For Boralex, each community is unique and is treated as such. Our project managers are not just equipped with the necessary tools to do their job; they must show initiative and sound judgement in recognizing the particular needs of each community and responding effectively. This adaptable approach to positive engagement with our communities is engrained in Boralex’s corporate culture.

A high level of social acceptability is a fundamental precondition for the development of all Boralex energy projects. From the pre-development phase of a potential project, through site operation, and even beyond those consultations required by law, Boralex reaches out to local leaders and elected representatives in order to listen to local concerns, and to integrate them into the development and management of the future project. Through consultation tours, public information sessions, individual meetings, focus groups, open houses, and news bulletins, Boralex organizes forums and information sessions to introduce its project to the community and fundamentally, to understand the concerns and points of view of local decision-makers. We host Open House days, and our employees proudly participate in local sporting and cultural events.

Navigating legal and economic requirements while respecting the needs of communities requires a certain know-how. Boralex constantly endeavours to improve upon this knowledge in order to ensure the essential collaboration of local stakeholders and to guarantee the shared success of its expansion projects. 

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For further details, refer to the 2016 Annual Report and the section on sustainable development.