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About Boralex

Boralex is a power producer whose core business is dedicated to the development and the operation of renewable energy power stations. 

Currently, the Corporation operates in Canada, France and the United States an asset base with a capacity of more than 1,140 MW, of which 970 MW are under its control. Boralex is also developing, both independently and with Canadian and European partners, a number of energy projects of which over 140 MW of power will be commissioned by the end of 2017. Boralex’s shares and convertible debentures are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbols BLXBLX.DB and BLX.DB.A respectively.

With about 250 employees, Boralex is known for its diversified expertise and in-depth experience in four power generation types — wind, hydroelectric, thermal and solar.

Segment Breakdown as at June 30, 2015

Our vision

Boralex's goal is to be a Canadian leader in the development and operation of renewable energy in North America and Europe.

Chaspuzac Boralex

Chaspuzac Control Centre // France


We plan to grow by generating electricity from natural or recycled sources in a manner that respects both communities and the environment.

Our strength lies in the expertise, skills and innovative spirit of our employees.

Our commitment is to manage our facilities ethically, to be a good corporate citizen and to provide a sustained financial performance to our shareholders and partners.

Profil Boralex 2014 from Boralex on Vimeo.

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